Tiny Love

‘Tiny Love’ is a music video documentary on MMA superfighter Marloes Coenen for Moss.

‘Tiny Love’ is a music video documentary. The genre is strange enough seldomely used  by musicians and directors. Air’s ‘All I Need’ was one, but that’s it as far as we know.

This video is our second attempt to create a music video that is actually a documentary. The first had many stylistic features that where not allowed in the traditional doc world, for example we filmed downtown Los Angeles without cars on the roads, which was completely set by us. And our protagonist Carel Struycken was in fact not leading us through the desert, as it seems, but we told him what to do and where to walk.

This time around we took a different approach. We wanted to follow Marloes Coenen, the worlds leading female MMA fighter and pioneer in her field, during training for a big fight. That way we would not be the ones creating story and emotion, but she would naturally bring it to us.

Did it work? You be the judge.


About Marloes Coenen

Marloes Coenen is one of the best female MMA fighters of our time. She pioneered the art and stood at the forefront of it’s development from a small, weird subculture to the powerhouse it is today.
She is a three-time Strikeforce champion, only defeated because Chris Cyborg got to her weeks before getting caught using banned substances.
After getting in the middle of a fight between UFC/Strikeforce boss Dana White and Marloes’ management Golden Glory she was fired from Strikeforce.

Marloes entered the dark ages of her carrier only ending this Saturday when she get’s a rematch against Cyborg at Kansas based fightclub Invicta.

Directed by Victor Vroegindeweij
Edit and colorgrade by Eelko Ferwerda
Photography by Jefrim Rothuizen
Sound recorded by Diego van Uden
Produced by The Office for Nonfiction Storytelling

Martijn ‘The Specialist’ de Jong
Hoek van Holland Pattaya
Glory World Series
Pierre Andurand
Niels Post
Vincent Latoel
Roemer Trompert
Excelsior Recordings

Made with financial support of the Tax Fund, part of Creative Industries Fund NL and the Dutch Cultural Media Fund.